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When Choosing an OTT Platform, Content, Data and Measurement Matter

Over-the-top (OTT) advertising has become a major part of advertisers’ media mix due to its data, reporting and targeting capabilities. As streaming during the pandemic has grown in popularity, so have OTT options. The amount of inventory available in core connected TV advertising has skyrocketed, with 2021 being a break-out year for local advertisers on OTT platforms (eMarketer estimates that OTT spending will exceed $23 billion in 2023.)

But when it comes to choosing which platform is right for your campaign, there are three primary factors you should consider: content, data, and measurement.

Content – Understand the type of content promised by the platform. Verify delivery from a past campaign to ensure you’ll get the quality content expected – from live programming like network shows and sports or news, to VOD offerings like movies. Think of what types of content your target audience consumes on TV or digital devices regularly.

Data – Select a platform based on how much access you’re given to rich data about user behaviors and preferences — such as viewability metrics — so you can better personalize campaigns and make more informed decisions about where to spend ad dollars. Make sure you have visibility into campaign performance across both linear and digital channels to compare analytics side-by-side.

Measurement – Prioritize a platform that offers advanced targeting across different device types so you can measure user activity over time regardless of device type used — this could be mobile phones or tablets inside the home using connected TVs — as well as best-in-class fraud protection measures. Additionally, look for platforms that offer impression level accountability tools like single source verifications (SSVs) for cross channel measurement that helps with media planning optimization for better ROI results.

By taking these factors into account when selecting an OTT provider for your next campaign, you’ll be able set yourself up for success with targeted messaging delivered through high quality inventory choices—enabling deeper insights in real time for maximum engagement with your desired audiences at each step along their journey!

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