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About Us

Taylored Media Group was formed by a limitless desire to create and execute innovative (i.e. “Taylored”) marketing solutions. Our clients’ needs are serviced by 25+ years of combined expertise in broadcast, digital, print, social media and fully integrated marketing strategies and campaigns. Our team is devoted to 100% transparency and is committed to create branding strategies that just plain work. We know you have a lot of choices for marketing which is why we combine branding and lead generation to fuel long-term success.

JamieTaylor, Founder

Jamie Taylor is the Founder who brought Taylored Media Group to life. As a media and digital strategist for over a decade and award-winning content creator and blogger, Jamie has worked on local, regional, and national campaigns for several industries including retail, legal, healthcare, and automotive. Her passion to see something become more than it is and commitment to excellence gave way to what seemed to be a such natural progression to the formation of Taylored Media Group. Jamie’s consultative approach to her clients’ needs is what forges long-lasting relationships, which are built on trust.

Her commitment and support to her team allows Taylored Media to achieve the best possible outcome for clients. Jamie’s insight and ability to understand a business allows her to design the best marketing strategy that delivers exceptional returns.  Her involvement as a writer and content creator makes her well-versed in launching and executing influencer campaigns.  She has done so for more than 150 products/services and finds them to be an ideal platform for a results-driven approach. Jamie has worked to launch media campaigns with brands such as Chevrolet, Frontier Communications, The Goodfeet Store, Yale Medicine, Primark, Topshop and so many more. Her true passion is developing content and strategic media development in order to tell a compelling story about your brand.

Jamie is a proud Husky, UCONN graduate and loves traveling with her high-energy family. You’ll rarely catch Jamie in flats and she believes that in a good pair of shoes, you can accomplish anything!